Sturrock Construction & Directional Drilling

Sturrock Construction (formerly Rock Excavating & Directional Drilling) is a professional excavating company based in Grey Highlands, serving Grey and Bruce County communities.  We work commonly with local municipalities, residential and commercial sectors providing multiple excavation services such as trenching, grading, site preparation, backfilling, septic and sewer repair, directional drilling and hydrovac excavation. Sturrock Construction is owned and operated by  Cooper Sturrock who strives to provide high quality and affordable service to all our customers. We are committed to a safe working environment, practicing all safety standards and are fully insured at all times. Sturrock Construction has expanded their compact/mid-sized excavation and grading services to include horizontal directional drilling (HDD). This additional service was incorporated after identifying a need in the local market.
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Need a water line, gas line or conduit?

Are you installing a buried hydro service, gas line, telecommunication cable or empty conduit? Sturrock Construction can excavate a traditional trench, or bore a hole using our horizontal directional drill, no need to dig up your property and ruin your landscaping. Directional drilling has less impact on the property, doesn’t leave a trench impression once the ground settles and doesn’t require re-sodding the lawn. Directional drilling is controlled by a steering component that allows our professionally trained operators to drill around obstacles such as existing infrastructure, concrete structures and footings.

Our Services Include:





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