HYDROVAC EXCAVATION is the process of using a highly pressurized stream of water to liquefy soil, creating a slurry type of mixture which is extracted from the ground using a powerful vacuum system.  This slurry is then stored in a tank for removal. This process can safely excavate without damage to existing pipes or conduits.

When to use or why?

Cold Climates

In Grey and Bruce Counties, winter lasts a long time! The pressurized stream of heated water can loosen up icy cold ground so excavation can be performed year-round.


Daylighting is the process of digging a test hole to locate and expose underground utilities such as water, gas or hydro. 

Slot Trenching

Used to create a narrow trench in order to install pipe, cables or other conduits around existing utilities to avoid any damage.

Hydrovac vs Traditional Excavation

  • Non-destructive to existing utilites
  • no material left on site
  • smaller trenches
  • ability to bust through frozen ground

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